Bonnie Blake-Drucker, FAIA

Using Experience and Common Sense to Solve Complex Problems

Over 33 years of experience with advanced healthcare and research facilities.

Having been both a science geek and a full ride PhD program researcher before becoming an architect set the stage for a career that has taken on the challenges of researchers with equipment that has never been seen before, or that they are inventing, and healthcare "templates" that don't fit the realities of an old hospital building.


We love working with the people and getting them a workspace, research space, clinical space that will be immediately productive.  We ask a lot of questions, study pieces of equipment in a way that only someone whose childhood was spent in the world of electronics, radio, and who was an early adopter (first day) of the PC, which Bonnie Blake-Drucker was. (WB2HOK!)  


This seems to work for scientists and we love to have that programming relationship that will help them get a laboratory that will foster the science and respect the equipment and minimize the effort to grow into a new line of research.


If you are a scientist, or if you are a doctor who feels that the administration just does not understand your needs, I can help you.  I want to help you.


Bonnie Blake-Drucker, FAIA